About Mardere Fashion

At the core of our philosophy at Mardere Fashion lies an irresistible love towards a woman, that deserves to be loved, no matter what difficulties and challenges a modern world might present her with.

At Mardere Fashion we create luxury bags and accessories for amazing women like you, that emphasize and bring attention to your spellbinding uniqueness.

With Mardere clutch bags we wish to reshape your own perception of what a woman deserves! Our passion for creating luxury bags drives us to continually improve and see the world in new ways. We wish for our products to surpass their intended purpose and to exceed your utmost expectations.

Everything we make is designed in-house. Combining handcrafted luxury with modern innovation, we continually strive to make the best quality goods found anywhere.

Jelena Mardere, Founder of Mardere Fashion



“Two-in-One” Concept – Long lasting materials & the highest quality.

At Mardere Fashion we have developed the “two-in-one” concept with an outer PVC shell, which allows our clutch bags to look impeccable from inside out, ensuring that they will last you for many years to come.

All Mardere Fashion clutch bags are produced in exclusive quantities.

Less than 10 items of each model are distributed globally. With Mardere Fashion clutch bags you will be unique and inimitable.

We are creating women’s clutch bags that correspond to your status.

A woman from the mere sight of which even the most sophisticated men relent deserves the best. Clutch bags from Mardere Fashion will help you embrace your confidence and accentuate your inescapable charm.